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Subject: Revolutionary pun-ishment
From: Lin, Charlotte

During the Revolutionary War, a group of American patriots had great difficulty in defeating a group of British soldiers. It seemed every time the Americans decided to take the offensive, the British knew exactly what they planned and were able to repel their moves.

When the American troops decided to attack a fort held by the British, one cowardly dude was scared to death and faked being sick to avoid the battle. When the American troops had departed, he came out and happened across another "citizen" making detailed notes about the condition of the town, the status of the supplies, ammunition, etc. The coward realized that he had come across a British spy whom he quickly subdued.

When the American troops returned, thwarted again, they realized that the spy had been informing the British troops of all of the plans. They quickly hanged the spy and held a celebration for the coward who caught on to the situation. The ladies of the town wanted to make the meal a very special event, so they invented a new dish for the feast. We enjoy it to this day... Chicken Cacciatore.

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