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Subject: Excel(ent) Egg
From: Leo Nikora
From: Scott McGregor

FYI: an "egg" is a hidden feature of most commercial software that is exposed with a magic set of keystrokes and usually contains a list of developers or some such interesting tidbits.


Open a new spreadsheet, press F5 and type "X97:L97" sans quotes in the Reference box. Click OK. Hit Tab. Hold down Ctrl-Shift while clicking on the blue, yellow, and red "chart wizard icon, found on the upper right side of the screen. Once this Faberge feature kicks in, cruise above the groovy black and blue world before you with the mouse, accelerating and decelerating with the left and right mouse keys. In case you fail to find the monoliths with the rolling text and programmer credits, here's Microsoft's answer to Netscape's bible-thumping:

"At first there was nothing...Then there was Excel 97...Hmmm, OK, before that there were some other versions of Excel...And some nachos...But not hing else...And Excel 97 did calceth thy numbers and hath plotteth thy data...and draggeteth and droppeteth thy lesser applications...And this was good and the world was at peace and stuff."

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